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Post-Treatment Therapy After Using Hyaluronic Therapy


Hyaluronic acid is found in all human’s body, accomplishing numerous functions. Amid these functions is making sure the skin offers acceptable agility and resilience including knee pain relief. As we grow, our skin becomes older, and the hyaluronic acid is used up faster while the production also slows down. Thus, resulting in a softer surface, and sometimes fine wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid Knee Pain Treatment


Making an Appointment

Making an Appointment

Set up an appointment with our knee pain specialists.


Physical Examination

Physical Examination

Our knee pain doctors will ask you a series of questions.
Closely examine your knee and run a few simple tests.



The Process

Once the doctors have concluded their research, they will apply the specially formulated Hyalgan injection into your knee.


Post-Treatment Therapy

Post-Treatment Therapy

After treatment is provided you will go through a series of physical and electrotherapy with our specialists for insure a speedy and effective recovery.

Therapy Services

Doctors at Rio Grande Valley Orthopedics offer several treatment and therapy solutions to this problem. Our services also aid in achieving better knee pain relief. The Post-treatment Therapy we offer after using Hyaluronic therapy includes:

  • Electro Therapy
  • Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy aids in strengthening the knee muscles to make them more stable and relieves stress around the joint. The Physical Therapy focuses more on the thigh muscles in the back (hamstrings) and thigh muscles in front (quadriceps). With our Physical Therapy, you can correct suboptimal movement patterns, alongside creating a good technique for your activity or sport, as well as improving your balance. In some conditions, various types of braces may be employed to protect and support the knee joint.

Electro Therapy

Electrotherapy applies electrical energy in stimulating muscles and nerves inside the body to produce natural mechanisms which heal a variety of medical conditions; in this case, knee pain relief. Electrotherapy provides enough stimulation to suppress certain substances found in human responsible for controlling immune and inflammatory responses. Electrotherapy also stimulates the part of the brain acting on pain receptors. This process limits and conceivably eliminates any form of knee pain.

We Offer the Best Therapy Services

Our in-depth research shows the use of Electrotherapy and Physical Therapy for Post-treatment adjustments have yielded a positive effect on treating knee pain relief. We continue to seek new improvements in our methods, monitoring services, and treatment plans all to get our patients back on their feet ultimately. It is RGVO philosophy to allow patients to remain informed with what works for them. We believe that these Post-treatment Therapies offer an effective alternative to those seeking a more regular and active life.

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