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Regarding your race, language or physical state, you are never exempt from joint or bone injures that can be caused by work, sports or even traveling. Knowing the risks that all human beings have suffered during their daily activities, the Rio Grande Valle Orthopedic Center has selected a group of professionals with experience in the development and optimization of the trauma surgery techniques that have been placed in the service of society in order to correct the damages caused in the joints or find relief upon a disease in the bone structure. We have the most advanced medical equipment for the traumatic field with direct and effective access to magnetic resonance imaging, digital radiography, supplemented with physical and occupational therapies.

Be treated for their pain in the most professional and effective way. Do not take unnecessary risks by looking for doctors without experience in the field, since it can cost you more in the end and your health will be affected for a long period of time, causing more suffering that you could have avoided in the beginning. Do not expose your musculoskeletal system to inexperienced hands. Make an appointment with our specialists right now so that you can be evaluated and assisted for a better quality of life.

Save time when visiting the office and download your printable new patient forms and fill them out before you come in.

“The Staff was the best from the moment I walked in until the moment I left, Dr. Pechero helped me get back on my feet, no more pain; I can stand, I can walk now”