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Making an Appointment for Hyaluronic Acid Treatment

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Are you seeking for a safe hyaluronic acid treatment? Still unable to decide which hyaluronic acid treatment is suitable for you? The application of Hyaluronic acid treatments often works well providing a much more significant effect on knee pain relief. There are different hyaluronic acid treatments available on the market today.

Make an appointment with Rio Grande Valley Orthopedics today…

Hyaluronic Acid Knee Pain Treatment


Making an Appointment

Making an Appointment

Set up an appointment with our knee pain specialists.


Physical Examination

Physical Examination

Our knee pain doctors will ask you a series of questions.
Closely examine your knee and run a few simple tests.



The Process

Once the doctors have concluded their research, they will apply the specially formulated Hyalgan injection into your knee.


Post-Treatment Therapy

Post-Treatment Therapy

After treatment is provided you will go through a series of physical and electrotherapy with our specialists for insure a speedy and effective recovery.

What can you expect at Rio Grande Valley Orthopedics consultation session?

During a consultation session, an assigned doctor from Rio Grande Valley Orthopedics would discuss in details your wishes with you. Our doctors would always provide enough time for all questions and answers. When you finally settle for a particular type of hyaluronic acid treatment, you will be asked to fill out the appropriate health and treatment agreement forms.

If you desire immediate treatment, please be kind enough to specify during a consultation. Doing this would help us properly take into account your desires and guide you through the process. We always advise a thirty minutes arrival in advance for any hyaluronic acid treatment.

What to expect from your doctor?

All doctors operating at Rio Grande Valley Orthopedics are registered and all valid members of various medical associations. Your doctor may request from your answers to the following questions:

  • Are you experiencing symptoms in only your knees or other areas as well?
  • Do you exercise or partake in sports?
  • Do you experience any instability, locking, or swelling of the knee?
  • Have you experienced knee pain beforehand? If so, can you identify what the cause was?
  • Canceling.

    If you wish to cancel or postpone your appointment, due to unforeseen circumstances, kindly contact us in advance (preferably with 48 hours in advance).
    You can reach us via phone 956-686-6510.

    A considerable amount of fee is required should you be late in canceling or not remembering to do so altogether.

    Complaints/Disputes’ Settlement

    At Rio Grande Valley Orthopedics, we only employ the use of best solutions. However, should you encounter any claims or disputes with one of our staffs, please contact us immediately.
    Agreement Form.

    If you have any inquiries or show interest in scheduling an appointment or consultation service, kindly contact us via phone 956-686-6510 or email customerservice@rgvo.com

    You can also reach us via filling our contact form below.