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Foot Deformities, Deformities and Disorders


Your feet are one of the most complex parts of your body. The average foot contains about 28 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons! We take about 5,000 steps every day; obviously it is important to keep our feet healthy.

You can divide the foot into three different sections:

  • The forefoot which contains the phalanges, or the toes, and the metatarsals.
  • The midfoot or as we refer to as the arches.
  • The hindfoot, also known as the heel and ankle.

Types of foot Diseases, Deformities, and Disorders

Pes Planus – Commonly referred to as flat foot. Flat foot is one of the most common structural foot deformities. The deformity can be obtained if your ligaments stop being able to support your foot structure due to injury.
Hammer Toes – Hammer toes, named because of their appearance , occur when the joint closest to the foot collapses.
Claw toes – Similar to the Hammer toe, Claw toe occurs when the join closest to the nail collapses.
Both Hammer and Claw Toes are flexible and can be manually straightened out. A soft tissue correction could correct a flexible deformity.
Ingrown Toenail – One of the most common foot disorders. It can be caused by many things such as

  • Inconsistent Growth
  • Cutting a nail to short
  • Changes in bone structure

Athletes foot – Another common condition where the skin of the foot gets infected by fungus. There are two main forms of athletes foot, Acute and Chronic. At first you will see blisters on the arches of the foot, but you may also see the skin between the toes also being affected.

Preparations before seeing a doctor – Before you visit a doctor, you should have the following things in mind and prepared.

  • Reports of family history with any foot disorders.
  • Full report of you and your family’s medical history.
  • The Effectiveness of any treatments and/or medications you are currently on.