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Avoid Torn Ligaments, Tendons – Exercise Properly!

mcallen tx orthopedics torn ligaments and tendons services

Exercising is very beneficial and can leave you feeling good, Unless you end up over doing it. If you overdo it or don’t warm up properly you could end up with a torn ligament.

Don’t think too lightly of torn ligaments!

Torn ligaments may require surgery to repair them and can be very painful. Rather than feeling great and being active, these common injuries can have you sitting on the sidelines for many weeks.

If you are someone who exercises I’d like to talk to you about how to look after your ligaments and tendons to prevent injury. First, let me give a basic anatomy lesson about what your ligaments and tendons do to you.

Ligaments and Tendons Help You Move

When you think of going for your daily run, do you realize we have several ligaments and tendons in our ankles, knees, and hips, that if weren’t there, your legs wouldn’t be able to move properly?

Ligaments allow you to make that slam dunk when you play basketball. They enable your shoulders to keep up your arms? That’s right. Without them, you can’t participate in your favorite sports. This is why they so important to consider before exercising.

Thinking about taking better care of them now?

Your bones/joints are connected by your ligaments which allow you to move properly. They behave like shocks in your vehicle, absorbing the impact of your movements. Although ligaments can be very flexible and they do have their limits and CAN tear.

Tendons are similar to ligaments, they are created out of the collagen substance as your ligaments, but they have a job. Tendons connect your muscles when you go for a run so that your muscles and skeletal structure move together. Tendons are also very flexible and extend quite a bit. Like ligaments, though, they can stretch too far and sprain and tear too.

Common Injuries of Ligaments and Tendons

There are lots of ways you can injure ligaments and tendons that don’t involve playing with sports. One way is lifting heavier objects overhead may put strain on your shoulder, elbow, and wrist ligaments. If you do a good deal of walking while at work or are on your feet a lot, you could put strain on ankles, knees, and buttocks. The Achilles and knee tendons are also at risk from over walking.

Sports and ligaments

Most ligament and tendon injuries do come from engaging in players crashing into each other, or sports, particularly where there is direct foot/ground impact, falling or running into barriers. Let’s look at some of the most common


Overall Tendon and Ligament Injuries happen, sometimes it can be avoided other times it can’t. If you think you may have a torn ligament, give us a call today and let us ease your pain! (956)686-6510.