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Types of Cаuses of Cerebrаl Pаlsy

Types of Cаuses of Cerebrаl Pаlsy General Causes and Risks Recent studies indicate that cerebral palsy is chiefly due to factors affecting the brain from events occurring before birth. These events disrupt the development of the brain resulting in cerebral palsy in about 70 percent of cases. This condition is caused by an injury to […]

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Deformities in the wrist

Deformities in the wrist General The hаnd feels аnd possesses the аbility to grip. We use our hаnds to explore our surroundings, to convey, to write, use а keyboаrd, drive а cаr, to mаnipulаte аnd utilize tools. Impаirment of hаnd аnd wrist function cаn hаve а significаnt impаct on lifestyle. Basic Break down The foreаrm […]


Bone Structures and their function

Bone Structure and their function General Bones аre more thаn simply the scаffolding thаt holds the body together. Our Bones hаve mаny functions аnd come in аll shаpes аnd sizes. In this guide we explаin the types of cells involved аnd their function as well as whаt they аre mаde of. They аre living cells […]


Avoid Torn Ligaments and Tendons! – Exercise Properly

Avoid Torn Ligaments, Tendons – Exercise Properly! Exercising is very beneficial and can leave you feeling good, Unless you end up over doing it. If you overdo it or don’t warm up properly you could end up with a torn ligament. Don’t think too lightly of torn ligaments! Torn ligaments may require surgery to repair […]


Joint Pain

What you should know about Joint Pain and Tips that Might Help I’m sure we’ve all experienced joint pain at one point of more in our lives. Consequently I’m sure we can also all agree that it is no fun and can be damaging to our lives, but what exactly is Joint pain? First let’s […]


Bone Tumors – Knowing the Basics

Bone Tumors General Overview Bone tumors occur when the cells in our bones divide in an uncontrollable fashion causing a mass or lump of abnormal tissue to form. Luckily most tumors are benign, meaning not cancerous. Benign tumors are not known to spread to other regions of the body. Additionally, benign tumors are usually non-life […]


What is a Fracture? | Speak to Our Specialist

If you are in need of Assistance for a fracture, call your local orthopedic Center RGVO at 956-686-6510. What is a fracture? A fracture is pretty much a broken bone. First thing to remember is that fractures happen when the physical forced applied to your bone is stronger than the bone itself. They are fairly […]


What you should know about Degenerative Joint Disease

What is Degenerative Joint Disease? Degenerative join disease, also known as Osteoarthritis (OA) , is when the cartilage that cushions your joints become deteriorated . Unfortunately it is a common wear and tear disease. The most commonly affected joints are the hands, knees, hips, and spine. However this can affect any joint in the body. […]


Foot Deformities, Diseases and Disorders

  Foot Deformities, Deformities and Disorders Overview Your feet are one of the most complex parts of your body. The average foot contains about 28 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons! We take about 5,000 steps every day; obviously it is important to keep our feet healthy. You can divide the […]


Your Hospital Stay After Hip Replacement Surgery

Your Hospital Stay After Hip Replacement Surgery You will be moved to your room when you are awake. By then your family or a friend will be able to join you. You can expect to feel some pain. To gain the best pain relief, answer honestly when you are asked how much you hurt. During […]


Planning for Spinal Fusion Surgery

Spinal Fusion Surgery Planning for Spinal Fusion Surgery Living with a problem back or neck can be frustrating. Pain may keep you from doing what you like or need to do. You may have tried other treatments, including surgery, which didn’t relieve your pain. Now, you and your doctor have decided that spinal fusion may […]


Shoulder Pain | Replacing Your Worn Shoulder

Shoulder Pain | Replacing Your Worn Shoulder Replacing Your Worn Shoulder A stiff, painful shoulder can keep you from doing even simple things, like dressing yourself or carrying groceries. But there’s good news. A worn-out shoulder can be replaced, just as a bad hip or knee can be. Shoulder replacement is safe and reliable. Surgery […]


How The Knee Works

How The Knee Works A healthy knee bends easily. The joint absorbs stress and glides smoothly. This allows you to walk, squat, and turn without pain. But when the knee is damaged, the joint may lose its ability to cushion stress. You may feel pain during movement. Sometimes a damaged knee joint will swell and […]


Types of Disc Surgery

Types of Disc Surgery Relieving the Pain Persistent pain in your low back or leg caused by spinal disc problems can be frustrating because it limits your ability to move and do the things you enjoy. Your disc problem may be corrected by a discectomy, the surgical removal of the portion of the disc that’s […]


Suffering from Knee Pain? | Surgery Can Help

Suffering from Knee Pain? | Surgery Can Help A Problem Knee You use your knee every time you take a step. Because of this, living with a worn or injured knee joint can be painful and frustrating. Even simple things, such as squatting to pick up the morning paper, may cause pain. But you don’t […]


Arthroscopic Procedure

Arthroscopic Procedure What is an arthroscope? The arthroscope is an instrument used to look directly into joints. This makes it useful for both diagnosis and treatment. The arthroscope contains magnifying lenses and coated glass fibers that beam an intense, cool light into the joint. A camera attached to the arthroscope allows your surgeon to see […]


Coming Back From Back Pain

Coming Back From Back Pain Recovering from back pain and surgery is an ongoing process. How fast you recover depends on the type of surgery you had, your commitment to working closely with your physical therapist, and moving and exercising correctly, as recommended by your surgeon. It may take six months or longer before your […]


Rotator Cuff Injury | Restoring Your Shoulder Strength

Rotator Cuff Injury | Restoring Your Shoulder Strength The rotator cuff is a powerful team of muscles and connecting tendons. These muscles and tendons attach your upper arm to your shoulder blade. Your rotator cuff helps you perform the following physical activities: reach, throw, push, pull and lift. Experiencing shoulder pain? Your shoulder might hurt […]